Tutorial to Fix Audio Synchronization Issues in MP4 Video File

I have huge collections of MP4 video files in my Mac system. In my free time, I used to spend on these MP4 files. Today morning, in my free time I thought of watching a movie, which was saved in MP4 format on my system. I did not face any issues with this MP4 file for a while. But, after few minutes I felt uncomfortable to watch a movie, as there was 3 seconds of delay in audio when compared to video. I thought there could be some problem in VLC player and I played it in Quick Time player. But the result is the same. Is it possible to repair audio sync in MP4 video file? If so, cam anyone suggest me a best solution to fix audio synchronization in MP4 video file? Thank you…!

MP4 Repair Mac - Testimonial

Well, no need to worry! Because many tools are available online to repair audio sync in MP4 video files. The first thing you need to do is choosing the best tool among various MP4 video file repair tools. Many industry experts have reviewed and recommended MP4 Repair Mac tool to fix the issues in MP4 files, as it is very interactive and has user friendly interface. This software is available for free download, give a try. Using its special algorithms, it scans your MP4 video file and fixes the issues in few simple clicks. After repairing is done, it facilitates you to preview the repaired files before saving them to your desired location. To save the repaired MP4 files, you need to purchase the complete edition of this tool. In addition, it can even fix no sound error in MP4 on Mac file in hassle free way.

There could be plenty of reasons behind audio synchronization issues in MP4 video files. Let us know few common factors:

Improper Termination of MP4 File: Improper termination of MP4 file can cause severe corruption to the file. If you forcefully close your Mp4 file, while it is in active mode, it may end up in the corruption of MP4 file header. MP4 file header usually contains useful information, which are necessary for accessing MP4 file. If this MP4 file header gets corrupt, then entire MP4 file becomes useless.

Improper Recovery: Using unreliable recovery tool to recover your deleted or lost MP4 file may end up in the corruption of recovered file. If you use some bad recovery tool to recover your MP4 file, then the chance of recovered file ending up in corruption will be high. If you play such corrupted MP4 file on any mainstream player, you may face few seconds of delay in audio when compared to video.

Error While Transferring MP4 File: If there is any errors while transferring MP4 files from one storage device to your device, then it will result in the corruption/damaged of MP4 file. Such damaged/corrupted MP4 files may become inaccessible. In such case, you can easily perform damaged MP4 file repair Mac using this software.

Other Reasons: Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are some other factors responsible for audio sync in MP4 files and they could be error during MP4 file download, damaged firmware, faulty player, bad sectors, severe virus and malware attacks, etc.

All these MP4 file corruption scenarios can be easily resolved using MP4 Repair Mac application. This is read only software, as it does not make any modifications to your MP4 file and it gets back your MP4 file exactly in the same format without causing any further damage. It separates audio and video streams and repairs them individually. Later after fixing this issues, it adjoins repaired audio and video streams to make a healthy playable MP4 video file. MP4 Repair Mac app is also capable to repair corrupt MP4 video file very easily.

Features of MP4 Repair Mac application:

This application lets you know how to repair audio sync in MP4 video file in almost all MP4 file corruption scenarios. The codecs supported by this tool are mp4v, mjpeg, RAW, mp4a, mp4v, avc1. It is considered as a best application to fix corrupted MP4 file on Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, and other versions of Mac operating systems. It supports MP4 files repair on various brands of camera and Camcorders such as Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Casio, Panasonic, Samsung, GoPro, Sony, etc. Even more, this easy to use app also supports to repair broken mov files that won’t play without any difficulty. To know more, check this page: http://www.mp4repairmac.com/how-to-repair-broken-mov-file-that-wont-play.html

Steps to repair audio sync in MP4 video file:

Step 1: Download demo version of this software and install it on your Mac system. Then launch it to open its Home Screen as shown in Figure 1.

Repair Audio Sync in MP4 Video - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Next choose the corrupted MP4 file and click on "Repair" as shown in Figure 2.

Repair Audio Sync in MP4 Video - Select MP4 File

Figure 2: Select MP4 File

Step 3: As repair process gets completed you can preview it as shown in Figure 3.

Repair Audio Sync in MP4 Video - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Screen