Software to Repair MP4 Video File on Mac Mavericks

“A few days earlier, I went on a holiday trip along with my family. On this trip I created a few of the delightful moments, which covered around 20 to 30 minutes. Each of these files where stored in MP4 file format. To play it on Mac Mavericks system I moved it; however, as I attempted to play this file an error message was reported. I am really aghast with such occurrence and would really like to now that is there any way to MP4 repair software for Mac Mavericks?"

MP4 video files are one of the popular file format that is develops by Apple Inc. This file format is typically larger in size and consists of both audio and video track. Same as other video file format there are plenty of reasons that can cause corruption of MP4 file. In case, if you are bothered by MP4 file corruption then you are at the right place. MP4 Repair Mac easily deals with any of the corruption issues in relation to MP4 file on Mac Mavericks.

There are varied reasons for corruption of MP4 file on Mac Mavericks system; a few of them are detailed as follows:

Improper Closing: Many a time we face a situation where MP4 file gets closed due to abrupt reasons. After such an occurrence if we play the MP4 file then it won’t play as per anticipated i.e. it may not play audio and video file in synchronous way, absence of audio file and many more. MP4 file can get closed over due to variety of reasons such as power failure, software conflict, etc.

Error while Transferring: When any of the MP4 file transfer is obstructed in any way then, there is possibility that MP4 file may get corrupted. When this kind of obstruction happen then different kind of error message is reported to the users. A few of such error messages are "The media being played is of an unsupported format" and "This file has no audio or video streams".

Other Reasons: There are many reasons that causes corruption of MP4 file such as CRC error, faulty player, memory card issue on which MP4 file created and different others. For more detail, click here:

All of these MP4 corruption issues can be easily handled by use of MP4 repair software for Mac Mavericks. This software scans the damaged or corrupt MP4 file in few seconds and provides MP4 file in the exact same format as it was earlier. This MP4 repair software for Mac Mavericks repairs audio and video stream separately and later joins them to make new MP4 file having each of the features of the old one. It allows users to find an easy solution to question like how to fix MP4 with no sound on Mac? This MP4 repair software for Mac Mavericks repairs that is stored on several storage devices such as memory card, hard drive, iPhone, iPod, external hard drive, pen drive and different others. The GUI of MP4 Repair Mac is so simple that users can readily make use of this software with utmost ease.

Steps to Repair MP4 File on Mac Mavericks:

Step1: Download demo version of this software and install it on your Mac system. Now, launch the tool, to open its Main Screen as shown in Figure A.

MP4 Repair Software for Mac Mavericks - Main screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step2: Choose corrupt MP4 file and click on Repair as shown in Figure B.

MP4 Repair Software for Mac Mavericks - Select MP4 File

Figure B: Select MP4 File

Step3: As repair process is completed, you can preview the fixed MP4 file as shown in Figure C.

MP4 Repair Software for Mac Mavericks - Preview

Figure C: Preview